Ernest Cachia

Professor Ernest Cachia currently holds the position of Head of the Department of Computer Information Systems, and for 12 consecutive years (2007-2019) held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology. Professor Cachia is also the Chairman of the Institute of Aerospace Technologies at the University of Malta, and Director of the Malta Air Traffic Services (MATS) company. Professor Cachia is the Nationally (Maltese) appointed representative on the European Union’s European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Steering Board. Furthermore, Professor Cachia is the University of Malta representative on the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs - sitting on the EU CEN e-Skills e-Competencies Common Framework (e-CF) Standardisation Committee, he is a founding member of the Malta IT Agency e-Skills Alliance, member of the Malta Cloud Forum within the Malta Communications Authority, member of the e-Skills (Malta) Foundation, and a founding member of (former) EuroCloud (Malta) organisation. Professor Cachia is also one of the mentors and panel members on the “SeedGreen” EU and National Governmental Green Project Awareness initiatives. Professor Cachia is also a member of the Managing Committee of the COST Action on Gene Regulation Knowledge Commons (GREEKC) working in the domain of FAIR Score assessment of Gene Ontology Tools. Professor Cachia acted as the Innovation and Technology Module Leader in the creation of a Joint Masters programme for Boarder Management, coordinated by Frontex, the European Border Guard and Border Management Agency. Professor Cachia is also a member of the IT Services Board of Directors of the University of Malta.